Yurt IV front cover


You are invited to enjoy the following sub-earthly auricular delights.


Yurt apparel

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Andrew Bushe- Drums

Steven Anderson – Guitars, vocals, electronics

Boz Mugabe – Bass, vocals, electronics, artwork


The sonic elders of YURT gathered at the dusk of 2006 with a criteria of conducting experiments in the broader field of progressive noise. On the occasion of winter solstice 2009 , a celebration of voluminous soundwaves entitled EGE ARTEMIS YURTUM was offered up to the legions of sonic guerillas, cerebral oscillators and other assorted hellspawn.

After a subsequent period in cryopreservation, there were rumours of a thaw and some manner of wretched behemoth arising from the miasma of silence. At the 2011 winter solstice, a construct was bestowed upon the terrestrial populus – ARCHIPELAGOG.

Again there was silence – a vacuum suggesting the will to remain a sonic footnote.

Ultimately, gestation is indeterminable in all matters pertaining to the sonic elders of YURT – There was no identifiable trajectory leading up to the announcement of YURT III – MOLLUSKKEPOKK in early 2016. As the sonic elders of YURT would volunteer by way of explanation…

” … while doing nothing is simply sloth, maintaining the facade of doing very little takes a lifetime to master… “.

The sonic elders of YURT have spoken.


CRITICAL MATTERS …New reviews coming soon…

” one hour of bass-driven experimentation on various musical genres and rhythms: you can get straight spacey krautrock and vintage prog, jazz, even some doom, sludge, stoner, punk and fat heavy metal riffs, all mixed together”

– sludgeswamp.blogspot.com


“…from the get-go, Yurt set upon a complicated and utterly indulgent odyssey, the eponymous opener a filthy, jazzy, math-tinged exercise in doom-y exploration that feels its way around your brain with discordant electric tentacles…”

– Molten Magazine


” Full of wonder and eeriness, it is quite the experience to behold and one worth taking. Turn off the lights, close your eyes, and let the music take you away to another world.”

– www.progrockmusictalk.com


“…it grasps a huge slice of bulky, crashing prog rock with a clear hard rock attitude, which the chirping electronics deploy a perfectly balanced accompanying effect… ”

– www.progressive-newsletter.de


” The group adopts a true halo of elegance as a coating on its essential roughness, incorporating large amounts of layers of synthesisers at some points, maintaining more graceful rhythm cadences in others, opening up space for the development of ornamental space-rock in some interludes, as well as extensive chaotic passages where the group plays with exploring the possibilities of deconstruction. ”
– www.rock-progresivo.com




…for other matters, you may contact the sonic elders of YURT …